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29 miles and way up. 19,341′ up. Not much oxygen up there. So I’m training.

May 6, 2015. During the next week or so, I’m gonna put 19,341′ of elevation gain on my treadmill. I’m not doing this just for my health. I’m doing it to raise money for Helen Keller International. I’m doing it because my wife is Helen Keller’s CEO. And she told me to.

So I’ll be deeply and forever grateful to you for making a donation to HKI in my name. Just click here. Then click “Donate”. Way quicker and easier than climbing the mountain, dontcha think?

I’ll be really grateful for your support. If you do it before next week’s over, I’ll think of it as my 66th birthday present from you. And please pass this around via a post, a tweet or whatever you do these days.

I’ll be posting regularly and frequently on the Treadmill Trails Facebook page if you want to check in on my progress while I’m training – and while I’m on Kilimanjaro.


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