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Don’t Just Do Something

Sit there. And think about what you might do with your extra day. An extra sunrise and sunset. Twelve hours in between. Press Play. C'mon. The e-mail can wait. Happy Leap Year.
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In the Tropical Botanical Garden

February 23, 2020. Our National Tropical Botanical Garden. Looks like they've got everything tropical, a to z. Take a one-minute stroll with me. Just to get in the groove. For a real Slower one a little later.

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Slower Sunday: Chill

Not at all clear yesterday. But, now, the morning after, total clarity. Glad I got out of bed. You would have, too.
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Slower Sunday: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Da

My first zip line. So beautiful up here above the rainforest you forget you're hanging off a cable. Amazing how a change of perspective can focus you. What a wonderful feeling. Wonderful day. Press Play for a little cable TV.
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