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November 30, 2021. OK, listen up – this could be a great thing for you or someone you love. It actually lets you hear the one voice you want to hear in a noisy restaurant – above all the loud voices you don’t want to hear.

It’s a tiny device with a funny name: Noopl. It works with an iPhone and Airpods Pro earbuds. And it really works. It boosts the volume of the person you look at – and it suppresses the volume of everyone and everything else. Turn your head to face the face you want to hear – and that’s who you’ll hear best. It doesn’t silence everybody else, but it does give clarity and prominence to the voice you want. It’s like a focusing device for sound.

My hearing is OK, but I have measurable high-frequency hearing loss in one ear. In a quiet environment, it’s not a problem. But in a noisy one, it means that spoken words sound soft, not sharp. Enough so that I miss some words – and the meaning of some conversation – when I’m listening to someone in a noisy restaurant, airport or store or out on the street. The Noopl accessory actually solves the problem. Audible clarity from chaos.

What’s the Price?
If you already have an iPhone and Airpods Pro, the Noopl is a $219 iPhone accessory. If you don’t, it’s $219 plus $175 for AirPods Pro on Amazon. Plus the cost of an iPhone. In any case, it’s dramatically less expensive than conventional hearing aids. Important Note: this is NOT a substitute for a hearing aid. It IS the most advanced hearing enhancement accessory for iPhone.

If You Want To Know How It Works
Quickly and easily. Download the app; it guides you through the setup in less than five minutes.

Noopl uses two features of Airpods Pro: noise cancellation and dynamic head tracking. Head steering information from the AirPods Pro┬« is passed through the iPhone to the Noopl device so it can steer its directional microphone array based on the direction you point your head. In addition, the app automatically detects whether you’re holding the phone or have it on a table – and optimizes the directional performance accordingly. Note: it works best when you put the phone and Noopl plugin on the table.

If this sounds like a good thing for you or someone you love, you really should check it out. It makes an important thing Better.

The Noopl device plugged into the bottom of an iPhone displaying the Noopl app

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