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December 3, 2021. Some little things that might make a big difference for you or someone you love.

Mystery Ranch Traditional Mask
If you’re thinking about – or have already taken – a long plane flight, you know you’ll need to be wearing a mask for hours. And hours. And removing it every now and then for quick sips of water or bites to eat. When you’re on the Way to someplace great, this is the mask for you: the Mystery Ranch Traditional Mask.

If you know Mystery Ranch, you’re probably a backpacker; they make great gear for those long trips on the ground. This year, they designed this extremely comfortable, convenient and effective mask. Two durable, stretchy headbands with a cord-lock adjustment that lets the mask hang down from your neck when it’s time for that airplane food. A “3D bendable nosepiece” – a flexible rod, not a flat sheet – that actually shapes to the contour of your nose and face for a comfortable all-day fit. Excellent filtration features.

I know nobody wants another damn mask, especially not as a Christmas gift. But if you’re gonna be stuck wearing one for an extended time, you’ll be really glad someone put this in your stocking. Available only at the Mystery Ranch web site. Regularly $16, but right now: $8.

PHOOZY XP3 Phone Case
When you finally arrive at your exciting destination, this is just the thing to protect your virtual life – the one that you store on your phone. Yeah, here’s a way to protect it from all those things that might destroy it. It’s insulated: cold- and heat-proof. It floats. Protection against cold, snow, heat and water. Spacesuit technology for your phone. It’s the PHOOZY XP3

Nothing to worry about when you’re on that whitewater raft trip or sitting a little too close to the campfire or ice-axing your way across that glacier. OK, maybe you’re not doing any of those things, but, hey you’re whole life is on that little phone of yours. So get some perpetual virtual life insurance for $49.99.

Askinosie Dark Chocolate Bars
Up in the air, on the ground or anywhere in between: If you love great, dark chocolate, you know it makes a big difference every time time you put a small piece in your mouth. Whether you chew quickly or suck until it melts, there’s really no substitute. After a lifetime of serious and varied chocolate tasting, I say without hesitation, Askinosie makes the very best. And they make them close to home, in Missouri, USA. From cocoa beans they buy directly – year after year – from small farmers around the world (in Ecuador, Tanzania, the Amazon and the Philippines). My year-round, go-to chocolate bars: Tanzania 72% and the 88% Super Dark Blend. Find yours at Askinosie. Don’t overlook the seasonal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Gingerbread Dark Chocolate bars. Or Kathy’s fave: Dark Chocolate + Coffee (Intelligentsia) Collabaration Bar.

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