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Zucchini Burgers: Vegetarians at a BBQ

What every zucchini wants to be. What every vegetarian at your BBQ wants to eat. Delicious. A great Way to enjoy abundant, cheap Summer squash at its seasonal flavor peak. A light crunchy crust protects the sweet flavors of Summer squash and aromatic fresh basil.
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The Perfect Tuna Burger. Bacon optional.

Slightly charred and crisp outside. Juicy and pink inside. Feels just like a medium rare burger in your mouth. Tastes just like grilled tuna. With fresh garlic and ginger. And it holds together on a hot grill!
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Breakfast Satisfaction: PBY & J

This might be the perfect breakfast for you. Smooth, tart yogurt. Sweet, ripe fruit. Luscious, maybe salty, could be smooth or chunky ... peanut butter. Everything you could want in a breakfast. Nothing you don't want.
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Pop Culture Week: Peach’sicles

They're great right off the tree. But if you want a super-cooled sweet on a hot Summer day, make a popsicle. Really ripe peaches. So sweet with no added sugar. A wonderfully refreshing Way to end a hot day. Or to start one: lick your breakfast.
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Summer Squash Gratin: Sweet & Aromatic

This might be the most satisfying thing you can do with Summer Squash. It's rich but very light. It's sweet and aromatic. A perfect summer side dish for any main course, or a great main course itself. Low on calories. Lower on Glycemic Load.
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Pizza with everything fresh on it

When the Farmers Market looks like a huge crop of pizza toppings, buy veggies, toss dough, make summer's best pizza. That crust is a great platform for healthy ingredients. A great new habit waiting to replace a bad old one.
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Apricot Tart: Breakfast or Dessert?

Concentrated sweetness from very ripe, barely cooked fruit on the verge of apricot jam. Flaky, buttery luxury-in-your-mouth from your homemade pie crust. Your home smells like a very good bakery. Your slice costs 75 cents.
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Burgers for the 21st Century

Portobello Burgers. Another Way to have more vegetables and less meat in your diet. More fun and fewer calories this Labor Day. Think of it as a really big stuffed mushroom. Two giant, meaty, juicy portobellos replace the bun.
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Kohlrabi Slaw. Say what?

A very tasty cruciferous vegetable that looks like a small alien life form. Crunchy like celery root. Sweet like cabbage. Earthy like turnips. A really nice vegetable. Cheap, too. Because nobody knows what to do with it. Well, here's one good Way to enjoy it.
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Quicker Cheaper Chicken Upgrade

Put a little garlic aioli into a chicken breast and, suddenly, the kind-of-dry white meat is juicy and intensely flavorful. Aromatic. Takes just two minutes and five cents worth of my 5-minute mayo.
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