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Slower Sunday: Look at that

I thought about the totally weird and beautiful skyline of New Mexico's Tent Rocks National Monument while I walked down the suddenly and strangely magical Park Avenue last Saturday when it was a 3-mile pedestrian mall.
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Ice cream or cheese for dessert?

Here's one solution to the old dessert dilemna, sweet or savory. Ice cream and fruit. Cheese and fruit. If you have a cheese grater and an ice cream machine, you can have it all in one scoop of Parmigiano Gelato.
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Strange Skylines: Three Magical Miles

Take a long walk this weekend. With or without the magic. I was thinking about the totally weird and beautiful skyline of New Mexico's Tent Rocks while I walked down the suddenly magical Park Avenue on one of three summer Saturdays when it's a 2.8-mile pedestrian mall. If you were a Cochiti Indian who'd never left home, this would be one strange hike.
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Chard again? Now what? Pickled Chard Stems

Swiss Chard. It's everywhere again. Might be in your CSA farm share, it's at the Farmers Markets. When I told you about my addictive (all leaves, no stems) flash-roasted Chard Chips, I promised a delectable use for the colorful, nutritious stems. Pickled Chard Stems!
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Ripe Now: Plums. Pudding? Uh, no. Pizza!

Lots of plums this week. All sizes, shapes and colors. So I'm making a 4-Plum Pizza for brunch. If you have kids or a significant other with bad eating habits, pizza crust is a great platform for healthy ingredients. I mean, who doesn't want pizza?
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Garden Watch #7: Tomato History from seeds to pizzas

It may be too hot for humans this summer, but it's been great for tomatoes. Today's Garden Watch starts and ends in the kitchen. The first day of Spring, March 20, I put some seeds in a little starter kit. Last night, I sliced some of the tomatoes they grew into and made a luscious basil pesto-tomato pizza.
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Slower Sunday: Listen to your beach

There's a small beach on California's Big Sur coast that's unmarked, unnamed and unvisited. Nobody goes there. If you do, it's your private beach. When you get there, for real, it's like a fantasy. Press play and fantasize for 90 seconds. Slowly.
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Soda Pop: Surf’s Up Pineapple-Lime-Mint

Mix up these thoroughly healthy and flavorful ingredients; squirt in some of the bubbly water you just made. You get a better, cheaper soda - or wine - replacement. Today I'm mixing fresh pineapple, lime and mint to make a soda that's even more delicious than it is refreshing.
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