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Better Cheaper Stronger: Biceps Curl

Our Upper Body Strength Training program begins with this exercise because it's familiar and easy. Full disclosure: Better Cheaper Stronger means you get stronger. Not like Arnold. Just stronger than you are now. So that you can do a lot of things more easily and comfortably.
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A good egg

Better Cheaper: pay a little more per egg, eliminate the hospitalization costs. Here's a great dish I made with remarkably flavorful organic spinach from my CSA farm share and beautiful eggs from the Farmers Market.
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Take the stairs. And calcium.

You have to see and climb Dorr Mountain's East Face Trail to believe it. Thousands of stairs carved into the mountain's solid granite. Straight staircases. Switchback staircases. Spiral staircases. Steep ones. Build strong bones.
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Grate Stuff: Chicken Salad & Squash Slaw

My grater's a great thing - not just for cheese anymore. Here's a $5, 15-minute dinner for two that's beautiful, fresh, deeply flavorful and satisfying. That's 15 minutes to prepare it. You eat it very slowly. With deep appreciation.
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Ripe Now: Carrots and Plums for the Jewish New Year

Yesterday's CSA Farm Share included the first carrots of the season. Not to mention apples, pears and plums. So it must be time to make tsimmes, a root vegetable and fruit stew that's a traditional dish during the Jewish New Year.
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Chicken — don’t be one, roast one

This is a recipe for great garlic & herb-roasted chicken and vegetables. It's also the story of how I got over sticking my fingers inside a raw chicken and discovered I could cook stuff I never thought I could. If I can do this ...
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Stretch of the Week: Your Upper Back

Up on your feet. Today, we'll try to relax, stretch and strengthen your neck, shoulders and mid- and upper back. To make them feel and function better - and to keep them from creating pressure on your lower back. Press Play and watch me. Then it's your turn.
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Slower Sunday: In The Tank

Take a break. One minute to look at something weird and beautiful. Just press Play. I wish I could be like these guys for a little while. I just saw them at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. They're downstairs, in the coolest aquarium you've ever seen.
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