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Grate Tomatoes Three Ways

Use a grater to make this fresh tomato sauce that's perfect for ripe and beyond-ripe late summer tomatoes. No peeling, chopping, or slicing. My friend, Colleen, learned this in a cooking class in Morocco. I'm really sorry I missed it, but I'm grateful to her for telling me how to make this 15-minute, 1 grater, 1 pan sauce.
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Grilled Sweet & Spicy Pepper Salad

Peppers everywhere. Every color, size and shape. Good supply, low prices. If you're firing up the grill this weekend, here's a light and really flavorful salad that goes with just about everything.
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Slower Sunday: In San Francisco

Thought you might like to join me here. I'm part way through The Walk That Ate San Francisco. The part where you have a picnic on Baker Beach. The waves are coming in slowly - about the pace of long, slow breaths. Press play. Two minutes to breathe deeply and get ready for your Sunday.
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The Walk That Ate San Francisco

The Better.Cheaper.Slower map to a great way to spend the day in San Francisco. Eat a bunch of delicious, healthy foods while you burn way more calories than you consume on a spectacularly scenic walking tour of San Francisco.
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Soda Pop: Watermelon-Lime-Mint

Mix up these thoroughly healthy and flavorful ingredients; squirt in some of the bubbly water you just made. You get a better, cheaper soda that's great with chips and anything off the grill. Today I'm mixing watermelon, lime and mint to make a soda inspired by a fruit ceviche. Chili pepper optional.
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Pizza: Farm Eggplant & Leek

This caramelized eggplant & leek pizza is a perfect example of Better being Cheaper. It's not just a great $2 pizza. It's a great pizza, period. Inexpensive, seasonal vegetables and 34 cents worth of pizza crust. Or polenta for a beautiful wheat-free version.
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Garden Watch #8: Grow Your Own Salsa

A salsa garden is amazingly space efficient. You can grow tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and parsley in a single pot. Sure, it's a little crowded - but the stuff actually grows well with six to eight hours a day of summer sun.
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