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Garden Watch #5: Corngasm

OK, it's not better than sex. But it's great for corn. If you missed the prequel, Corn Sex In The City, I have to tell you that I never really thought I could grow corn in a container. So picking my first ear of home-grown was a pretty exciting moment.
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Stretch of the Week: Calf Muscles

You've loosened up your lower back; you've given your hamstrings and quadriceps a good long stretch. Now stretch your calf muscles, Achilles tendons and the muscle fascia that surround your heels.
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Slower Sunday: Smell This

The heat wave broke. Everything looks better and, here in town, smells better. Really fresh air. Like June, when the gardenia was in blossom and walking near it was like instant aromatherapy. It's Sunday. Take a break. Press Play. Breathe. Slower.
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Up Against The Wall

A Great Hike on the Great Wall. You have two years to get in shape for this one because this section of the "Wild Wall" is closed for renovation. So Today's Way is the inspiration for your personal Great Leap Forward Two-Year Plan.
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Soda Pop: Drink a Peach

Mix some of the season's delicious and cheap peaches with semi-exotic flavors to make two very different, very refreshing sparkling beverages. One's great with hot dogs. The other's a terrific match for everything from Thai to ceviche to cheese.
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Ripe Now. Lasagna Squash.

Not spaghetti squash. Lasagna squash. Summer squash and tomatoes are everywhere. Totally ripe, totally fresh. Really cheap. Lasagna Squash is quick and easy to make - a meal in a single pan. Tastes great hot or cold - and always slow.
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Slower Sunday: Those Cool Days of May

Today, let's be Better Cooler Slower. All the way back to, well, a couple of months ago. Before the heat. Take a little break, just a couple of minutes, to look at something cool and beautiful. And do nothing else. It's Sunday. Just press Play.
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