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Garden Watch #2: Corn Sex In The City

If you always wanted to know but were embarrassed to ask: watch the video to see how corn makes babies. I never thought I could grow corn in a container. But it looks like it's working!
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Two Cool Chilled Farro & Chilled Fruit Ceviche

Chilled Farro Salad with Chilled Watermelon-Peach Ceviche: Extremely flavorful, satisfying and light: less than 400 calories - pretty good for weather that discourages exercise. Prepare it in advance and refrigerate. Keep your cool at mealtime.
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Stretching: Can It Save Your Back?

It saved my back -- and my legs. A few days after I began to stretch, I was relieved of all but the slightest pain. A few weeks later, I had zero pain -- and my back and legs felt better, looser and stronger than they had in decades.
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