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Apple-A-Day: Maple Syrup & Bacon

I don't know about you, but I'm eating a lot of great apples these days. Usually I just pick one up and take a bite. But sometimes I want it to be more like a meal, a real dish. Yesterday, a maple syrup-baked apple with bacon did the trick. Great for breakfast, brunch or lunch.
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Flash Roasted Kale Chips

So quick and easy there's no recipe. So tasty they're addictive. So cheap you can afford to eat them until you just can't eat any more. Near zero calories. They look really cool: dark green with ruffled golden brown edges. They're what kale always wanted to be.
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Soffrito makes it better

You can learn to do this at any age, whether or not you have an Italian grandmother. Make a week's worth of this stuff and eat better for a week. Then do it again next week.
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BetterCheaperStronger: Triceps Extension

We've worked on your biceps with the Curl; now we'll balance that by strengthening your triceps muscle, the flip side of your biceps. You use your biceps to pull (picking up a bag) - and your triceps to push (putting something on a high shelf).
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Slower Sunday: Summertime Blues

Ain't no cure for this. The last Sunday of summer, the last blueberries. I just took off the bird nets and picked every last berry. Look at them. Just for a minute. They're beautiful. Press Play.
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Apple-a-Day: Candy Apple Soda Pop

Back in the BCS Soda Lab again. Trying out the Fall flavors this time. Still looking for that magic flavor combination that will convert each and every cola addict of every age to a healthy soda pop drinker. So I baked an apple.
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Hiking the Potato State: Iron Creek Trail to Sawtooth Lake

I've had potatoes on my mind since I used the season's first fresh ones for that killer potato salad. Which recalled a killer hike in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains, a 10-mile roundtrip trail that goes up 2,000 feet and burns about 2,000 calories. About 15 big potatoes.
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Apple-a-Day: Stuff with cheddar. Bake.

I'm baking a cheddar-stuffed apple. Like me, you probably think of baked apples as sweet things, maybe with cream poured all over it. But try this for lunch or brunch or breakfast some day. Spread it on a slice of whole wheat toast. Yum.
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Ripe Now: Potatoes. Potatoes? Ripe? Yup.

Until I had my first truly farm-fresh, just-dug potatoes last fall, I didn't realize how flavorful and creamy a potato could be. I mean straight. No cream, no milk, no butter, no mayonnaise. Just the potato. Until I made my own potato salad with them, I never had the perfect potato salad. This is it.
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A Fig Pizza Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A beautiful, aromatic and wildly yummy pizza inspired by a gift of homemade fig jam. A deliriously delicious brunch for two - for less than two dollars. I'd eat this for breakfast, lunch or dessert any day.
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