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Sleep Late. French Toast.

Pear-Gruyere Stuffed French Toast. A completely satisfying meal. The toast is soft and fluffy, almost a soufflé. The cheese is rich and slightly salty. The pears are caramelized and sweet. Try to eat Slowly.
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Don’t Fall Fall: Stand for your thighs

A 2-minute exercise to strengthen the muscles you use to stay on your feet. This one'll strengthen and tone your outer thighs, too. Your abductor muscles. Mission-critical muscles for slippery winter weather and for next summer's beach look.
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All Together Now

After all the holiday social eating, it's time for social exercising. Be sharp. Be together. Eat together. Walk together. Improve your memory. Live longer. Bees do it. Rodents do it. Now you really have to click, dontcha?
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Thanksgiving’s Greatest Hits: Leftovers

The morning after Thanksgiving dinner and you're thinking you should just suck on a lemon and call it breakfast. But, no, the weekend arrives and you're still in the mood. To eat. Here's how to follow up your low glycemic Better Cheaper Slimmer Thanksgiving with a tasty, low-load Black Friday.
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The Not-Home Stretch: Thanksgiving

If you're traveling this holiday weekend, you'll have enough on your mind. So give your body a break. Because something ought to be relaxed when you arrive. Try these stretches for the car, the plane and the rest stop. Have a Slower Saner holiday.
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Thanksgiving’s Greatest Hits: Dessert

This is usually my favorite part of any meal. But it's a tough call after a feast of many dishes. Here are the Top 5. All moderate- to low-calorie. Most with low Glycemic Loads. Pies, cakes, crisps, gratins and granitas. Cheers.
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Don’t Fall Fall: Heels and Toes

A 3-minute exercise to strengthen and train the muscles you use to stay on your feet. A dynamic balance exercise. It's not as goofy or easy as it looks. A little like tightrope-walking. No rope, no net. You can do it right on the floor.
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