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Mushroom-Hummus Pizza. Or Flatbread.

Earthy, juicy mushrooms baking into sweet, earthy, pungent, garlicky hummus on a crisp, thin pizza crust. A pizza with three of the best sources of dietary potassium: beans (chickpeas) and seeds (sesame) in the hummus, and mushrooms.
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Succotash. Don’t laugh. Don’t gag. Read.

For the first time, I enjoyed succotash. A lot. Used to hate it. But this isn't what I hated. This is sweet, earthy, crisp, mellow, light, fragrant. No mush, no grit. Fresh corn and lima beans, sauced with fresh tomato juice and basil. And a lot of potassium.
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Blood pressure, beans & kale

Nuts, mushrooms and seeds, too. What do all these foods have in common? Uncommonly high levels of potassium. What's that got to do with blood pressure? A lot. If you thought that hypertension was only all about salt (sodium) consumption, think again.
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Naked Exercise #6: Pumped

Stripped down. No equipment. No exercise balls, no balance boards, no weights. Not just Better and Cheaper. Better and Free. A recipe to strengthen your biceps. Press Play.
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Burgers, Chips & Ice Cream: The Math

The most luscious homemade fresh fruit ice cream, made in the "soft-serve" style. Nothing but half-and-half and fresh berries. $2 per pint. 50 cents per 4-ounce serving. Just 101 calories per serving. A low Glycemic Load of less than 3. Get a spoon!
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Hike to the Tip of the Iceberg

Make that icebergs, plural. Small ones. Too small for penguins, but otherwise it's a perfect hike. To a small glacial lake filled with miniature icebergs. And, honestly, it's hard to say if you're seeing just the tips. The water's much too cold to dive in for confirmation.
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Potato Chips: Good or Evil?

Make a bowl of your own crisp, light, healthy ones for 20 cents. Or buy a bag of the commercial chips more responsible for long-term weight gain than any other food. Weight gain that leads to diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.
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Zucchini Burgers: Vegetarians at a BBQ

What every zucchini wants to be. What every vegetarian at your BBQ wants to eat. Delicious. A great Way to enjoy abundant, cheap Summer squash at its seasonal flavor peak. A light crunchy crust protects the sweet flavors of Summer squash and aromatic fresh basil.
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