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Tart Plum Tart, slightly sweetened

Sweet-and-tart fruit filling a flaky, buttery luxury-in-your-mouth homemade pie crust. Definitely sweet enough for dessert. Not too sweet for breakfast. Your kitchen smells like a very good bakery. Your slice costs 75 cents.
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Wyoming Lakes: To Stroll or To Hike?

Here in Grand Teton National Park, a 4-mile stroll or a 9-mile hike brings you to the shores of Taggart and Bradley Lakes. Stunning lakeside views at the foot of the very dramatic Teton Range. Why are lakes such great destinations for hikers and strollers? Here's why.
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Apples and Cheddar Get Intense

This time of year, it's hard to beat a sweet, crisp apple and a hunk of cheddar. Well, this Apple Cheddar Gratin beats it. Now, if a gratin sounds like something you shouldn't try at home by yourself, the sound's deceiving. Seeing and tasting is believing. Click.
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A Cabbage For All Reasons

This really has everything the flavor spectrum's got to offer. Excites every taste bud you have. So little effort for so much pleasure. And all your daily Vitamin C and K. With a near-zero Glycemic Load.
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Beet Farrotto: Big & Bright

A light, bright, satisfying meal with big, deep, intense flavor. Four dollars for two of you, plus leftovers. Tastes like Autumn. Earthy, sweet beets. Nutty farro, the high-protein ancient grain. Don't wait for the leaves to turn. Get your color now.
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Don’t Fall Fall: Heels and Toes

A 3-minute exercise to strengthen and train the muscles you use to stay on your feet. A dynamic balance exercise. It's not as goofy or easy as it looks. A little like tightrope-walking. No rope, no net. You can do it right on the floor.
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Eating Fall Colors

And Fall's crops. Just-picked acorn squash and just-pulled beets. With "new crop" polenta. A completely satisfying one-plate meal that looks like a successful art project. That's earthy, sweet, soft and luscious.
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Chicago: All Walking & Eating, No Wind

Chicago's a great Walking city. Especially in Autumn. Before the freezing winter winds blow in off the Lake. Here's a 12.5-mile Loop, 5 or 6 hours. Either Way, you'll burn about 1,500 calories. So the big question is where to eat. I'll point out some favorites along the Way that are great values.
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