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Help Your Burger Help You

Another Way to have more vegetables and less meat in your diet. Without giving up hamburgers. In fact, this is a burger upgrade in every Way including flavor and juiciness. Raise your burger standards and lower your burger costs.
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Naked Exercise #4: Push Up

Stripped down. No equipment. No exercise balls, no balance boards, no weights. Not just Better and Cheaper. Better and Free. Strengthen your arms, shoulders, hands and wrists. Press Play.
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Portobello Mousse: vegetarian foie gras

Tastes more like a mushroom than a mushroom. Feels like foie gras: smooth, rich, luxurious in your mouth. This really goes beyond special food and into the realm of special experience. You'll amaze yourself when you make it. Easily.
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Aromatic Grilled Chicken

Ginger. Mint. Lemon. Smoke. Not lightly fragrant. Not pleasantly aromatic. Powerfully aromatic. This is a chicken that's been transformed. To something that's wildly delicious - before you put the first bite in your mouth.
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BLT Soup. Cool. Delicious. No joke.

A sandwich cross-dressing as a soup. Lettuce and herbs with milk. Amazing how flavorful it is. Before you add the tomatoes, bacon and croutons. Then it's a perfectly cool, light meal. Better. Cheaper. Chilled. Make it in three minutes.
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Summer Herbs Become Pudding Cake

The best side dish of the Summer. A combination of wildly aromatic herb custard and herbed olive oil bread. Deeply, deeply flavorful. Completely satisfying but very, very light. Elevates any main course it shares a plate with.
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