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The Gift of Soul Food

I will never be a soul food chef, but I love to cook - and eat - anything and everything from Carla Hall's Soul Food. Carla is a force of nature and everything she shows you how to make will rock'n'soul you. Every recipe has a kick or two that makes it a party in your mouth.
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Healthy Lifestyle Overcomes Bad Genes

News Flash! Really. Even if you're genetically predisposed to coronary artery diseases, a healthy lifestyle can reduce your susceptibility by 50%. Yup. Just by eating and exercising well and not smoking. Click for the conclusions of the study.
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Pasta Trail in the Dolomites:
Lagazuoi The Thrilling

If you're one of those people who likes to walk or run because you like to ... eat, well, here's the trail for you. You could take the steep one-mile hike straight up to the Rifugio Scotoni. Or you could take the even steeper long Way around to one of the most thrilling - or frightening - views in the Dolomites, and then make the crazy steep descent to the Rifugio. Let's do the six-and-a-half miles. Just to be absolutely sure we'll be hungry enough for that huge platter of homemade pasta.
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Turkey. Time.

Before cameras and all things digital, making a picture of something was slow going. Press Play. Watch Slowly. Carefully. It'll only take a minute.
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Apple-Fennel Slaw

A light, bright, crunchy salad to balance your Thanksgiving turkey. 40 cents per serving of sweet, aromatic and spicy salad. Totally refreshing.
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The Soft Drink for Thanksgiving

If red wine goes with your Thanksgiving dinner, so does this unsweetened, non-alcoholic, deeply flavored soda. Better Cheaper Slimmer Grape Soda Pop. It's actually kind of elegant. If alcohol's not the thing for you or a guest, this is the drink to serve. Cool for kids, too.
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