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I don’t use a lot of power tools, but here are a few I use over and over and over.

Food Processor

My food processor has a special blade and push-button operation for making dough. Makes my weekly batch of pizza dough in 30 seconds flat. Less than half a minute to make a week’s worth of soffritosalsa verde or gazpacho.

Salsa verde in food processor

Stick Blender

My Mini-Blender/Stick Blender is great for small batches of all kinds of things, like the flavor base syrup for homemade ginger ale or a pot of borscht.

Stick Blender in borscht

Slow Cooker

My Slow Cooker needs 90 minutes to make Psychedelic Polenta when I’m willing to give up an hour of soulful, peaceful stirring. I set it to “low” and let it go slow for 24 hours for the amazing Pulled Pork with Second-Hand Smoke.

Pulled Pork in Slow Cooker

Ice Cream Maker

The first thing to know: when you churn your own, it’s soft – like ‘soft-serve’ ice cream. And it’s crazy good right out of the machine – really hard to eat slowly.

Strawberry Ice Cream in Ice Cream Maker

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