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Your Monday #49: The Gift of Strength

  • December 10, 2018
Better Cheaper Stronger for $26. A set of resistance tubes that weighs next to nothing and takes up next to no space. They let you "weight train" without weights. Perfect for anybody who can't stand lifting weights. Like me.
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The Gift of Space. And Time. Travel.

  • December 8, 2018
Great space-savers when it's time to pack for the next trip. And when you know you can save space, you save time. No worries. All peace of mind. They don't even take much space in that stocking.
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The Gift of The Great Indoors

  • December 7, 2018
Bring the great outdoors ... indoors. Make it easy - even enjoyable - to get some exercise. Replace boredom with stunning natural beauty. Turn tedium into relaxed exhilaration. For 99 cents.
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The Eyes Have It Now. The Gift of Vision.

  • December 6, 2018
Complete and convenient protection. So get out there! In the sun. But protect your eyes. This summer, I got totally hooked on these sunglasses. They automatically darken and lighten as the sun's brightness increases and decreases. Bet you'd like to find these in your stocking.
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The Gift of Warm Feet

  • December 4, 2018
Toasty toes in bitter cold weather. Really, who doesn't want that? Here it is. The Ways to go, indoors and outdoors.
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Your Monday #48: The Gift of Longevity

  • December 3, 2018
The evidence is overwhelming. Regular walking and running is closely associated with longer, healthier lives. So how do you help somebody start a good habit? Heck, how do you get yourself to start doing it? I have some thoughts for you.
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The Gift of Balance

  • November 30, 2018
For someone you love. Someone who loves you back and appreciates your genuine concern for their well-being. Someone who likes to stand on their own two feet. Somebody who could benefit from some balance training. On a Balance Board.
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Your Monday #47: Keep it up

  • November 26, 2018
Your strength. Good news: all you need is frequent exercise to maintain muscle strength and mass. At any age. Like all fourth-Mondays-of-the-month this year, today comes with a simple program of Ways to increase your strength.
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The Walk To Burn Thanksgiving Calories

  • November 23, 2018
The Walk you map for yourself. Wherever you are. Because you feel a little like a stuffed turkey and it's time to Walk off some of that tasty stuff. Make it a good memory before it turns to fat. Two hours knocks off all the trimmings.
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Your Monday #46: Your Daily Balance

  • November 19, 2018
Like all third-Mondays-of-the-month, today's Way is all about your balance. Not losing it. And, if you do, recovering it so quickly that you don't fall. Here are a couple of 5-minute routines you really should try.
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