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Slower Sunday: In The Tank

Take a break. One minute to look at something weird and beautiful. Just press Play. I wish I could be like these guys for a little while. I just saw them at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. They're downstairs, in the coolest aquarium you've ever seen.
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Slower Sunday: In San Francisco

Thought you might like to join me here. I'm part way through The Walk That Ate San Francisco. The part where you have a picnic on Baker Beach. The waves are coming in slowly - about the pace of long, slow breaths. Press play. Two minutes to breathe deeply and get ready for your Sunday.
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Slower Sunday: Look at that

I thought about the totally weird and beautiful skyline of New Mexico's Tent Rocks National Monument while I walked down the suddenly and strangely magical Park Avenue last Saturday when it was a 3-mile pedestrian mall.
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Slower Sunday: Listen to your beach

There's a small beach on California's Big Sur coast that's unmarked, unnamed and unvisited. Nobody goes there. If you do, it's your private beach. When you get there, for real, it's like a fantasy. Press play and fantasize for 90 seconds. Slowly.
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Slower Sunday: 150 Seconds in Kauai

A two and a half-minute vacation. 150 seconds in slow motion. A good Sunday pace. Look at a breathtakingly beautiful place. And do nothing else. It's just a couple of minutes. And it's Sunday. Just press Play.
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Slower Sunday: Smell This

The heat wave broke. Everything looks better and, here in town, smells better. Really fresh air. Like June, when the gardenia was in blossom and walking near it was like instant aromatherapy. It's Sunday. Take a break. Press Play. Breathe. Slower.
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Slower Sunday: Those Cool Days of May

Today, let's be Better Cooler Slower. All the way back to, well, a couple of months ago. Before the heat. Take a little break, just a couple of minutes, to look at something cool and beautiful. And do nothing else. It's Sunday. Just press Play.
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