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November 7, 2020. What whips up in 5 minutes flat, costs 10 cents per tablespoon, has a Glycemic Load of zero – and transforms simple low-calorie/low-glycemic ingredients into instantly luscious, luxurious meals? Aioli. Homemade garlic mayonnaise. So much Better than a store-bought jar of mayonnaise you can’t believe it’s mayonnaise.

And until you try these quick preparations, you can’t believe how quickly and easily you can make masterpiece-quality meals. Steamed vegetables become aioli monstre, the Grand Aioli meatless Friday tradition in the Provence region of France. The Quicker Cheaper Chicken Upgrade transforms a chicken breast to a thoroughly satisfying, succulent, aromatic main course. With a dime’s worth of the magic aioli.

Cabbage, that remarkably healthful, fresh-all-winter vegetable, becomes the most satisfying seasonal cole slaw. with a small dose of aioli. Dip Skinny Egg Rolls in a teaspoon of the ginger & garlic version of your homemade mayo. Or use your aioli to dress this spectacular Grilled Tuna BLT.

The Magic Trick
Making your first batch of mayonnaise is like making your first loaf of bread or pizza dough. You can’t believe you’re actually doing it. And doing it quickly and easily. Four minutes to perfect mayo. Add one minute for the garlicky aioli version.

What’s in there? An egg yolk, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, a half-teaspoon of mustard and a half-cup of olive oil. For enough aioli to make a very large Grand Aioli, two Chicken Upgrades, a big bowl of cole slaw, two servings of Skinny Egg Rolls and a couple of overstuffed Grilled Tuna BLTs. Really. A little goes a very long Way. Five minutes to whisk up a batch that’ll dress up five dinners.

How can something this rich and satisfying be part of Better Cheaper Slimmer. Easy. Remember: all calories are not created equal. Research shows “a low-glycemic load diet is more effective than conventional approaches at burning calories (and keeping energy expenditure) at a higher rate after weight loss.” Better than low-fat diets. Better than low-carb diets. The Glycemic Load of a tablespoon of aioli: zero.

And a tablespoon turns out to be a huge serving of this over-the-top-luscious party-in-your-mouth stuff. The calories in one tablespoon: 120. Add that to an almost overwhelmingly large serving of vegetables in your Grand Aioli dinner and you’ve got a complete meal with the low calorie count of less than 300. And a glycemic load that’s barely above zero. Almost the same for a Chicken Upgrade dinner with a side of slaw.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Less than $2 to make a mayonnaise that transcends the category of mayonnaise. I always liked Hellmann’s just fine, but this is so much better it’s hard to imagine buying a jar ever again. Transforms vegetables into a Grand Aioli feast. Or a good sandwich into a great one.

Cost Comparison
Your own homemade mayo costs 19 cents per ounce. Hellmann’s: 30 cents. Kraft Miracle Whip: 28 cents. Better is Cheaper.

Let’s Do The Math
40 calories per teaspoon. Go on, use two. Add wonderful flavor and feel to your meal. Add ten minutes to your brisk walk and burn it all.

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