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January 5, 2023. Better at exercising in the Living Room. Where it’s convenient. And free. No equipment or Spandex required. No excuses.

You’ve resolved to Be Better in the Kitchen. To amaze yourself with a new, Low Glycemic Load meal every week. Well, that’s half of Better Cheaper Slimmer, the Way to lose belly fat. The other half: aerobic exercise. Brisk walking. Jogging. Being Better Outdoors.

But when it’s freezing, snowing, raining or burning hot outdoors, you can be better indoors every day. Right in your living room. Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.

Better in your Living Room
A half hour of aerobic exercise. The calorie- and fat-burning kind. The kind that’s associated with all the good health markers. The kind that prevents the bad stuff: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers. My favorite Way: walk or run in place. With or without a treadmill – but definitely with Treadmill Trails.

When you take a day off from walking or running, do as much of this stuff as you can do comfortably. Do a little more the next day. Sometimes you have to get in shape to get in shape. Work your Way up to doing this whole routine four or five times a week.

The First 2 Minutes
Bend over. Warm up while you stretch and strengthen your hamstrings, lower back and abs. It’s the Hamstring Builder.

The Next 2
Flying. On the floor, face down. More flexibility and strength for your lower back.

Just 1 minute
Roll over. Fifty modified crunches. Really. They’re quick. Click and watch. Strengthen your core and lower back muscles.

The Living Room Triathlon:
5 for the road
While you’re on your back, do 5 minutes of No-Bike Cycling. Straight through if you can. If not, take a 15-second break after each minute of cycling. You’ve got your legs working. And your abs and obliques. Look, ma. No love handles.

5 floating
Roll over. Face down. You’ll really feel this No-Water Swimming in your lower back and your glutes. Do it for as long as you can. Take a break. Then do more.

5 Gliding
Up on your feet for No-Ice Skating. This is great for strength and muscle tone for your entire lower body. And it’s a terrific balance exercise, too.

The 10-minute Push
1 Up
On your knees. Push-ups to strengthen upper arms, lower arms, wrists, hands and shoulders. Do as many as you can, even if it’s just one on Day One. If you work up to it, you can do 20 of these in 30 seconds.

5 More on Your Back
Back on the No-Bike for another cycle.

4 More on 2 Feet
One last No-Ice Skating session.

30 minutes. 300 calories. Free. Feels good.

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2020 Resolutions

#1 Better in Bed

#2 Better in the Kitchen

#3 Better Outdoors

#4 Better at The Small Stuff

#5 Better at Slower

Help someone you love
Be Better Indoors. Just $10 for a
Happy One-Year Gift Subscription to
Better Cheaper Slower.

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