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January 3, 2023. Amaze yourself. Once a month. Outdoors. On the streets of your hometown. Or some other town. On a trail in a nearby park. Or a faraway forest. This is a great new habit to create. A monthly high that’ll turn into a weekly high because it’s so good you’ll actually want to do it every day.

Start with something easy. And beautiful. Or delicious. Beautiful like the Burbank Trail in Massachusetts’ Berkshire Mountains. A perfect example of a green-peace-of-mind hike you never heard of, not a big-name national park. Delicious like The Walks That Ate Salt Lake City, Milwaukee, Miami and San Francisco.

Walk briskly and burn 1,200 calories in 4 hours. Walk briskly and often; live longer. Jog or run while you’re out there and live even longer. Six years longer.

If you need big name, big deal scenery to get you going, well, you can find it here, there and everywhere. Here, you’ve got National Parks from coast to coast. Acadia on Maine’s picturesque coast. Yosemite in California’s Sierra Mountains. Mind-blowing hikes and walks in Wyoming’s Tetons and Utah’s Arches.

Faraway in space and time: Pompeii. Higher and farther: Nepal. Even farther: Bali. Click and preview. Get excited. Take the walk. Get the peace of mind. If you need something exotically delicious to kickstart your Walking & Eating habit, try Istanbul. Or Athens, Beijing, Seville or Venice. Betcha can’t walk and eat just one.

Help someone you love Be Better Outdoors. Just $10 for a Happy One-Year Gift Subscription to Better Cheaper Slower.

2020 Resolutions
#1 Better in Bed
#2 Better in the Kitchen
#3 Better Outdoors

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