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Thank you very much for being my customer. I want you to know that my Treadmill Trails app does not collect any personal information to use or share outside of the app.

These are the permissions the app requests explicitly:

Allow Treadmill Trails to access your contacts?

Allow Treadmill Trails to access photos, media, and files on your device?

These permissions are requested only to allow Treadmill Trails to download your trail videos to your deviceā€ž Media storage area and to access your email address in Contacts so you can restore videos for free in the future to your current device or to a new one. No data will ever be shared and no other data will be collected.

Your email address identifies your Google Play account. We associate this email address with each Treadmill Trails video you purchase – for the sole purpose of documenting your purchase and ensuring that you never have to pay more than once for each video.

If you want to
– restore a video you bought and deleted;
– or download a copy of a video you bought for one device onto a second Android device;
– or download all your purchased videos onto a new replacement device

you shouldn’t have to pay for it again.

Happy trails,

Dick Sandhaus for
Treadmill Trails

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