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January 30, 2021. Not your inner farmer. A real farmer. Who grows dozens of great crops so you – yes, you – can eat Better and Cheaper.

Now’s the time to find a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group near you. The best deal in the universe of Eating. You’ve probably got a month or two before most CSAs in the U.S. are sold out. After that, you’re on the waiting list. Hoping.

The CSA idea is brilliant. And it actually works. You buy a share of a local farm’s produce. Once a week, you pick up your share (bring your own bags). In some cases, they bring it to you. Each week, you get a variety of fruits and vegetables at their seasonal peak. Their flavor peak. Their nutritional peak.

The local farm gets the guaranty of your, and your community’s, support. This eliminates economic risk and the cost and burden of marketing. The farmers get to spend their time farming. You get to eat their good work – at a very favorable price.

And everyone gets to be part of a genuine community. You meet your farmer. You meet your fellow supporters and neighbors.

You get a great deal. Food that’s as fresh as it gets. A highly varied, diversified diet of real food. And you get to figure out how to cook and serve a new batch of ingredients every week. I’m right with you for this part. A New Way Every Day to love your CSA vegetables and fruit.

Wanna meet my farmers? Press Play.

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