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November 29, 2022. For your feet or those of someone you really love. For all those quick outdoor chores that demand something on your feet but don’t require the whole socks-and-shoes treatment. The perfect outdoor slippers. For the quickie dog walk or taking-out-the-garbage. One for summer; one for winter.

This is what you want to slip into when it’s chilly out there: the North Face Thermoball Traction Mule. Insulated, warm and comfortable. Highly water-resistant with a high-traction rubber bottom to prevent slipping and sliding. $59.

This the solution when it’s hot out there, or just not cold: the Birkenstock Arizona EVA. Yes, Birkenstock. But no cork, no leather. All EVA, the high-quality, super-light, cushiony material is shock-absorbing, waterproof and incredibly comfy. For chores or for walking across the beach when the sand’s too hot for bare feet. They’re light and flat for packing. $46.

My feet love them both. And the quick slip-on convenience make chores Way less chore-like.

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