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June 16, 2015. Just 5 days left to get this together. Be thoughtful.

A cool tool
Does he really want a new power drill? Probably not. But if he’s a backyard grill master, he just might need a pizza grilling device ($25) to turn his Weber into a pizza oven. In which case he’ll need a pizza paddle ($16), too.

The Gift of Balance
And strength. Here’s a very compact 2-in-1 thing that’s a combination balance board and 10-pound weight disk. It’s a tiny home gym for $33.

Green Lantern
I love this thing. It recycles sunlight. Looks like a traditional Japanese paper lantern. Its tiny solar panel powers its even tinier LED light bulb. Sun bathes by day, lights up by night. When its tiny photosensor says it’s getting dark outside. Less than $20 for this beautiful object lesson in clean energy. Too good to be true? Watch my video.

Hike & Hydrate
Take Dad on an adventure hike. And make sure he doesn’t get thirsty.

The thing you want on your back when you’re on foot for a few miles. A CamelBak backpack ($76). With a built-in water reservoir. And a sipping tube that’s always just a few inches from your lips. With a “bite valve” that never leaks.

Something smaller for a shorter walk: I use CamelBak‘s BPA-free bottle ($12) with that cool and highly functional bite valve.

Better cheaper Stronger
The latest and greatest: the Fitness Band. It’s really more like a chain of very strong elastic tubing. Which “links” you hold determine the Xfinity’s length which, in turn, determines the strength of its resistance. I just started using this. It’s terrific for many basic strengthening exercises.

P.S. If you’re Dad, you might want to send someone a link to this page. Happy Father’s Day!

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