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The Gift of Sparkle

Sparkling water. Blow-your-own-bubbles for Better Cheaper seltzer and soda pop. The gift that improves health, saves money and prevents planetary wear and tear. Not bad for something that costs $67 and fits under the smallest Christmas tree.
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@Home Winter Garden

The most amazing thing I've seen in a while. I grew a salad in my kitchen - in 16 days. In Winter. In New York. In this AeroGarden thing. Seeing is believing. Click for the photos.
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Your Monday #47: No-Bike Cycling

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mondays of each month bring you new Ways to shake your thang, increase your flexibility, balance and strength, respectively. So what happens when the month has a 5th Monday? We invent a sport.
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Slower Sunday: Walking it off

I'm still walking off Thanksgiving. And realizing I'll soon be thinking about Christmas. What do you want for Christmas? Good health? Peace of mind? It's all out here. And it's free. Every day. Press Play to get in the mood.
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Grilled Carrots, Sweet & Sour

A vegetarian dish that's got it all. Crunchy, crispy, creamy. Slighly sweet and sour. Aromatic and beautiful. Near-zero Glycemic Load. And easy.
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Burn those Thanksgiving calories indoors

Is this your year to burn Thanksgiving calories on a Treadmill? In the comfy and great indoors. Here are a couple of great ones that are ... here. Available right now - no supply chain excuses. And they're discounted for three days!
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The Walk To Burn Thanksgiving Calories

The Walk you map for yourself. Wherever you are. Because you feel a little like a stuffed turkey and it's time to Walk off some of that tasty stuff. Make it a good memory before it turns to fat. Two hours knocks off all the trimmings.
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Giving Thanks for The Great Indoors

The last 20 months have really brought home the importance of being able to derive joy from what used to seem like little things, things we took for granted. Today, I'm thankful to have Thanksgiving dinner indoors.
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