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Christmas Eve in the south of France

They're enjoying the Gros Souper. The Great Supper. All satisfaction, no deprivation. But not many calories. And a Glycemic Load near zero. It's luscious, it's fragrant. Preparation time: less than 10 minutes. You can do this day after tomorrow. Easily.
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Your Monday #50: The Gift of Strength

Better Cheaper Stronger for $26. A set of resistance tubes that weighs next to nothing and takes up next to no space. They let you "weight train" without weights. Perfect for anybody who can't stand lifting weights. Like me.
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Ginger Snap Granola

Festive and crunchy. Not your everyday granola. Granola you linger over on holiday weekend mornings. Bright and spicy. A wake-up call without coffee. One of the tastiest Ways to get more whole grains in your diet. One of the easiest-to-keep New Year's resolutions.
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Feast of 7 Chickens: How, When & Why

How: easily. When: four hours of active preparation time, Christmas morning or the day before. Why: you get a delicious, aromatic, beautiful and wildly impressive 7-course meal. That's Cheaper and Healthier than almost any alternative. Per person: less than $10, 650 calories, and a Glycemic Load of 10. Really.
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One Enchanted Hike

I'm a waterfall guy. If I was a bird watcher, I'd be in heaven. As it is, I feel transported. Escorted, actually. Escorted by a pair of Scarlet Macaws on an enchanted beach hike to a spectacular waterfall. Can't just sit there on the beach when the forest is so full of wonder.
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The classic roast beef accompaniment for Christmas, when they go by the name Yorkshire Pudding. Either Way, popovers manage to be amazingly light, rich and easy to make.
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Meat Splurge: Rib Roast for Christmas

If it's meat that makes you merry, 'tis the season. For that over-the-top prime rib roast. Deeply delicious. A sight to behold. A time to practice moderation. Watch that portion size. And maybe go for a run.
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