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Meat & Potatoes. By any name.

You could call this Shepherd's Pie. You could call it hachis Parmentier. Or you could call it leftovers. A Meat & Potato Pie that's the best leftover dish of the season. For half the price of a Big Mac with fries.
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The Great Indoors.
C’mon in, the weather’s fine.

Gonna be a long, dark, cold winter for most of us. A time when the Great Outdoors just isn't, well, comfortable. So here's a Way to stay in shape and keep moving. Indoors. With all the benefits of exercise - and a lot of the benefit of being outdoors.
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The Great Outdoors. Now Greater Than Ever.

Parks are peaceful. So no surprise when a walk in the park delivers a sense of calm. But it's surprising how quickly it delivers. And how little green it takes to improve your physical and mental health. Better and Cheaper than prescription drugs. Not necessarily Slower.
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The Gift of Transformational Growth

The most amazing thing I've seen in a while. I just grew a salad in my kitchen - in 16 days. Late November - early December. In New York. In this AeroGarden thing. Seeing is believing. Click for the photos.
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Slower Sunday: It’s Not About You

It's not easy being ... you. So if this holiday weekend's been all about being the you that pleases everyone else, here's a Way to get away from ... you. And you get a pizza as a bonus. Just for you.
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Sleep Late. French Toast.

Pear-Gruyere Stuffed French Toast. A completely satisfying meal. The toast is soft and fluffy, almost a soufflé. The cheese is rich and slightly salty. The pears are caramelized and sweet. Try to eat Slowly.
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All Together Now

After all the holiday social eating, it's time for social exercising. Be sharp. Be together. Eat together. Walk together. Improve your memory. Live longer. Bees do it. Rodents do it. Now you really have to click, dontcha?
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I was thinking about the Indians and the Pilgrims. Which got me thinking about my CSA farmers. And my neighbors who gather every Tuesday for the little ritual of picking up our farm shares. All of us living in the New York World, not knowing how to grow food.
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