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Mash Note: Turnips at Horn & Hardart

One of my earliest food-flavor memories is mashed turnips. Slightly sweet, a little earthy, soft and warm. But the real attraction was the way the dish was served. Behind glass. Convenient and automatic. Very sci-fi.
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Your Monday #47: Keep it up

Your strength. Good news: all you need is frequent exercise to maintain muscle strength and mass. At any age. Like all fourth-Mondays-of-the-month this year, today comes with a simple program of Ways to increase your strength.
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Slower Sunday: Walking it off

I'm still walking off Thanksgiving. And realizing I'll soon be thinking about Christmas. What do you want for Christmas? Good health? Peace of mind? It's all out here. And it's free. Every day. Press Play to get in the mood.
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Soulful Soup from Tuscany: Ribollita

When it gets really cold, it's time to make ribollita, a deeply delicious and satisfying potful of Tuscan kale soup, something between a rich vegetable soup and a vegetable stew. A complete and soulful meal in a bowl.
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The Walk To Burn Thanksgiving Calories

The Walk you map for yourself. Wherever you are. Because you feel a little like a stuffed turkey and it's time to Walk off some of that tasty stuff. Make it a good memory before it turns to fat. Two hours knocks off all the trimmings.
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Cold Turkey. Recovery Plan. Moussaka?

Really. Crisp, buttery potatoes. Rich, melting eggplant. Luscious cheese sauce. It's practically the national dish in Greece, where they make it with ground lamb. That's what I was doing when I thought, why not make Turkey Moussaka?
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Thanksgiving Three-Bean Turkey Chili

Deeply delicious. Spicy and sweet. Rich and bright. Substantial but not heavy. Maybe the best-ever use of leftover turkey. So good it makes me think Better of turkey. More than enough a flavor for a party.
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Your Monday #46: Your Daily Balance

Like all third-Mondays-of-the-month, today's Way is all about your balance. Not losing it. And, if you do, recovering it so quickly that you don't fall. Here are a couple of 5-minute routines you really should try.
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Slower Sunday: Take Flight

Some birds have all the luck. Some don't. Take the turkey. A poor flier. And totally edible. Then there's the pelican. Funny looking on the ground. But when it takes flight, that's something to see. Effortless. Graceful. Take a minute. Press Play.
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Got 10 minutes? For your blood pressure?

3 10-minute walks each day can make a significant contribution to lowering your blood pressure. Just brisk walking - no running - does the trick. If you don't have a dog, or if getting outside for three walks a day just doesn't work for you, here are some indoor options.
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