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Great Leftovers: Salsa-Sauteed Fish

Jamming to finish the last unfinished business before vacation. Delighted to make a great meal in six minutes. A fish entree that's thoroughly satisfying, hugely flavorful and completely healthful. Light but hearty, high-protein, zero glycemic load.
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Great Leftovers Week: Polenta Tostadas

Next week: vacation. This week: lots of work to do - and great appreciation for batches of leftover deliciousness that require no real cooking. Like salsa verde-topped "tostadas" made from leftover polenta. Tart, sweet, spicy, warm, soft and crispy in each bite.
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Your Monday #1: Standing Room Only

Like all first-Mondays-of-the-month that don't come with New Year's hangovers, today's comes with a simple, gentle one-minute Way to improve your health. Get up! C'mon, you can read standing up. By the time you finish reading this, you're done with the first rep of today's healthy exercise.
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Slower Sunday: A Message for the Future

Carved in stone. No shortcuts with this technology. No, you probably didn't carve it in stone unless you really had something important to say. Like, well, you'll have to Press Play for this.
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Delicious Unintended Consequences

This wasn't supposed to be a Way. Wasn't even supposed to be a meal. It just happened. A pot of the most flavorful, satisfying, soul-warming soup. A beef brodo with everything in it.
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Warm Winter Hiking. Cactus included.

I knew the Coronado National Forest was full of them. I just didn't know they looked like cartoons. Here they are. Thousands of them. For miles. Walk this whole 16-mile trail outside Tucson, Arizona. 5 or 6 great hours. More than 2,000 calories burned. The temperature: in the high 60s F. I'm ready.
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Fish skin. Crispy and light.

It's a weird thing, fish skin. It can be as a good as a really good potato chip. Thin, light, crisp, dry, slightly salty. Or it can be slippery, oily, chewy and even a little fatty. Something that could strike you as ... gross. Here's how you make the really good version.
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Smart Resolution #2: Grow

My little lettuce patch on the kitchen counter is a source of great pleasure and satisfaction. When it's a source of salad, the salad delivers a a layer of satisfaction that's unique to eating something you've grown. Resolve now. Buy seeds soon. Plant later.
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Resolution #1: Dance More. And Better

Let's face it, you're not gonna keep doing something you don't like to do. So if you want to make a "get more exercise" resolution that you'll actually keep, well, here's a smart bet. Get up and dance. Once a day. It'll make you smarter, too. You don't have to be good at it. You just have to do it enthusiastically.
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Lucky Hangover Cure

In South Carolina, USA, they eat a lot of Hoppin' John this week. Rice and black-eyed peas. For some, it's the hangover cure. For others, it brings good luck for the New Year. In this version, South Carolina meets Italian cuisine. I feel lucky already.
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