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Is that gazpacho in your ice cream cone?
Saturday July 31, 2010
Sure, the classic presentation in a soup bowl is just fine. But this seasonal vegetable puree makes a great sparkling drink - and a very cool ice cream cone, with a cherry (tomato) on top.
Up Against The Wall
Friday July 30, 2010
A Great Hike on the Great Wall. You have two years to get in shape for this one because this section of the "Wild Wall" is closed for renovation. So Today's Way is the inspiration for your personal Great Leap Forward Two-Year Plan.
Soda Pop: Drink a Peach
Thursday July 29, 2010
Mix some of the season's delicious and cheap peaches with semi-exotic flavors to make two very different, very refreshing sparkling beverages. One's great with hot dogs. The other's a terrific match for everything from Thai to ceviche to cheese.
Ripe Now. Lasagna Squash.
Wednesday July 28, 2010
Not spaghetti squash. Lasagna squash. Summer squash and tomatoes are everywhere. Totally ripe, totally fresh. Really cheap. Lasagna Squash is quick and easy to make - a meal in a single pan. Tastes great hot or cold - and always slow.
Garden Watch #4: Drink These Herbs
Tuesday July 27, 2010
In the never-ending quest to be cool during this overheated summer, I drink what I grow. Each week, I make and chill a big sweet-savory pot of herbal tea: lemon verbena, mint, lavender, rosemary. The definition of refreshing.
Stretch of the Week: Quadriceps
Monday July 26, 2010
Back on my feet again. We've loosened up your lower back with Knees-To-Chest and Spinal Twist; we've stretched and strengthened your hamstrings. Now it's time to stretch your quadriceps and improve your balance. Give it a try.
Slower Sunday: Those Cool Days of May
July 25, 2010
Today, let's be Better Cooler Slower. All the way back to, well, a couple of months ago. Before the heat. Take a little break, just a couple of minutes, to look at something cool and beautiful. And do nothing else. It's Sunday. Just press Play.
Cool Your Greens
Saturday July 24, 2010
With the weather this hot, I'm doing all I can think of to keep us all cool. While I was eating my salad and daydreaming about snow yesterday, I thought what if I froze the salad dressing - and let it melt and dress the greens? Cool salads.
Indoor Hiking: a Museum Mile or Two
Friday July 23, 2010
When the temperature-humidity index approaches triple digits, it's time for indoor hiking. If you're on your feet for 3-4 hours, you'll cover 3+ miles and burn 600-1000 calories in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Soda Pop: Make Your Own Ginger Ale
Thursday July 22, 2010
This sounds like a great idea - but if it doesn't taste great, it's just an idea - not a solution. So I'm going to give you a tasty taste every week until you get hooked on one. This is a healthy addiction that can replace a very unhealthy one.
Ripe Now. This week, make ratatouille.
Wednesday July 21, 2010
Now at Farmers Markets everywhere: eggplant, peppers, squash, fennel and tomatoes at peak flavors. Now everywhere: way too much heat. Make a silver lining: a huge pot of ratatouille; refrigerate it; and enjoy it cold for the rest of the week.
Garden Watch #3: Blueberry Shortcake
Tuesday July 20, 2010
There's nothing better than a handful of fresh blueberries, with the possible exception of Blueberry Shortcake. You can make the shortcake biscuit dough in five minutes flat. Seven to ten minutes in a 450-degree oven and you've got a killer dessert.
Stretch of the Week: Hamstrings
Monday July 19, 2010
Yup. Still here, flat on my back. We've done Knees-To-Chest and Spinal Twist to warm and loosen up your lower back. Now we'll relax, stretch and strengthen your hamstrings. Here's a video to demonstrate an Active Hamstring Stretch. Give it a try.
Peach Sunday
July 18, 2010
I got a huge bag of white and yellow peaches in my CSA farm share this week, so I'm making a Peach Pizza for brunch. And because today is National Ice Cream Day, it's time for homemade peach ice cream, too.
Pizza: Farm and Garden Fresh
Saturday July 17, 2010
Two great pizzas. Two bucks each. Totally fresh. Tomato-Basil and Escarole-Prosciutto. If you have kids or a significant other with bad eating habits, pizza crust is a great platform for healthy ingredients. I mean, who doesn't want to eat a pizza?
Pizza 101: Roll Your Own
Friday July 16, 2010
Pizza for better, cheaper, delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners and desserts. You can put almost anything on it. When it comes straight from your own oven, it%E2%80%99s infinitely better than anything you can carry home or have delivered.
Let's Dance: The Summer Playlist
Thursday July 15, 2010
If you're not motivated to exercise, here's my suggestion: put on some music that you can't not dance to. This is aerobic: you get your heart rate up and sweat. 45 minutes and minus 275 calories (that's a big scoop of ice cream). My playlist:
Garden Watch #2: Corn Sex In The City
Wednesday July 14, 2010
If you always wanted to know but were embarrassed to ask: watch the video to see how corn makes babies. I never thought I could grow corn in a container. But it looks like it's working!
Ripe Now. What to buy and eat this week.
Tuesday July 13, 2010
I love Tuesday - it's the day I pick up my CSA farm share and begin to figure out what we'll be cooking and eating all week. It's always whatever's perfectly ripe for the picking.
Stretch of the Week: Spinal Twist
Monday July 12, 2010
When you left me last week, I was flat on my back showing you my first stretch of the morning, Knees-To-Chest. Here's a video to demonstrate my next stretch, Spinal Twist. It relaxes and strengthens a whole bunch of muscles. Give it a try.
Sunday in the Park with Glaciers
July 11, 2010
It's Sunday. Let's rest and quietly contemplate the beauty of an exhausting, 5,000-calorie-burning 13-mile hike in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. Get out there and do it while the glaciers are still there. You've got until 2020 or 2030.
A vegan walks into a barbecue ...
Saturday July 10, 2010
Make Grilled Tuna BLTs. If you're an omnivore, it's a real delicious mouthful. If you're not, well, hold the cheese or the bacon or the tuna ... Very little preparation. Pretty economical. Simple to serve - a complete, hand-held meal.
Garden Watch #1: Basil, Tomatoes, Cukes
Friday July 09, 2010
The first in a series of weekly Garden Watch reports. What's growing right now - and a recipe for delicious little hand-held salads I like to think of as My Basil Rolls. Grow and roll your own.
Recycling Sunlight
Thursday July 08, 2010
The Little LED Lantern That Could. Totally free, totally clean, totally cool energy. This thing spends the day sunbathing; it stores the sunlight in a little battery; and it lights up when the sun goes down.
Two Cool
Wednesday July 07, 2010
Chilled Farro Salad with Chilled Watermelon-Peach Ceviche: Extremely flavorful, satisfying and light: less than 400 calories - pretty good for weather that discourages exercise. Prepare it in advance and refrigerate. Keep your cool at mealtime.
Stretching: Can It Save Your Back?
Tuesday July 06, 2010
It saved my back -- and my legs. A few days after I began to stretch, I was relieved of all but the slightest pain. A few weeks later, I had zero pain -- and my back and legs felt better, looser and stronger than they had in decades.
Berries Bursting in Cream
July 04, 2010
Happy Fourth of July! It's a big day, so let's squeeze Two Ways into Today: ice cream and gardening. Homemade strawberry-blueberry ice cream; and, growing your own berries (or anything else).
Cole Slaw: the Best
Saturday July 03, 2010
Crisp, light, delicious. No salt, no sugar, no mayo. Make it in less than five minutes. Serve it with or on your Fourth of July hot dog. Or wrapped by its own as Cabbage-Stuffed-Cabbage, a tasty little hand-held salad.
Meat: Read Before You Eat
Friday July 02, 2010
What's going to be on your plate this 4th of July? If it's meat, read this before you go shopping: results from a Harvard School of Public Health study; and, from my Hot Dog Tasting. Complete with a Cost-Benefit Analysis.
Mustard "Vinaigrette"
Thursday July 01, 2010
For the season's great greens: a ridiculously easy, super-low calorie, low sodium, almost-no-fat salad dressing base that makes delicious green salads - and the best cole slaw and potato salad you've ever had. Lemon, no vinegar; very little oil. No mayo.
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