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The Walks That Ate plenty & burned more

The Walk That Ate San Francisco
The Better Cheaper Slower map to a great way to spend the day in San Francisco. Eat a bunch of delicious, healthy foods while you burn way more calories than you consume on a spectacularly scenic walking tour of San Francisco.

The Walk That Ate Time: Pompeii
Let's party like it was A.D. 79. August 24, 79. Via dell'Abbondanza was jammed with people buying their fruits and vegetables and olive oil and wine and ... you know how that story ended. Today, Pompeii has to be the most beautifully fascinating walk on the planet. Eat your way through the ruins and burn more calories than you consume.

The Walk That Ate New York, Part 1
Here's a great all-morning walk that burned more calories than I ate before, during and after it. I'll bet there's a version of this near you. Eat locally, walk locally. In this case, 600 calories in, 1,500 calories gone in 4 hours and 8 miles.

The Walk That Ate Thanksgiving Leftovers
I'm thinking we both just ate our way through the holiday and it's time to Walk it off. Consider this Walk around Plymouth Rock as a timely example of a cool Walk you can take anywhere. History aside, Plymouth's a lovely small town. Here's a 2-hour, 4.5-mile, 500-calorie Walk.

The Walk That Ate Beijing
Could be an all-day 18-mile hike. Could be a 4-mile spin around the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Could walk a mile inside the Farmers Market or through 4,000 cypress trees to get to Heaven. Whichever way you turn, this is a delicious way to see the sights while you burn way more calories than you consume.

The Walk That Ate New York, Part 2
Wherever you are, you can make a great, all-day Exercising & Eating Extravaganza where you burn way more calories than you consume. Do it on a sunny day and get some free Vitamin D. If you're in New York, try my 6- or 14-mile trail.

The Walk That Ate Santa Monica
Want to eat your way through Santa Monica and burn more calories than you consume? You'll have to spend some time on the beach. If you're OK with that, here's an all-day culinary tour that leaves you with a serious calorie deficit.

Smell the Roses, Taste the Zucchini
Take a 3, 4 or 5-mile walk through The Rose Garden and The Edible Garden at the New York Botanical Garden. Or through a botanical garden near you. Walk; get some free Vitamin D; burn enough calories to erase 4 or 5 ice cream cones.

The Walk That Ate Venice
A calorie-free taste of Venice that's a great orientation tour. 12 miles (20km), six hours. Burn 2,000+ calories. Eat well, but not too much. Some fruit at the Market. Great pastries, gelato; delicious cicchetti. Less than 1,500. Way to see Venice.

Indoor Hiking: a Museum Mile or Two
When the temperature-humidity index approaches triple digits, it's time for indoor hiking. If you're on your feet for 3-4 hours, you'll cover 3+ miles and burn 600-1000 calories in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

High above the vineyards
Proof positive you can find a great walk or hike pretty much anywhere. You may know Napa, California, USA as a place to eat and drink - or drink and eat - but you probably don't know Skyline Wilderness Park is just a few miles from the center of town.

The Trek That Ate (Organic in) Nepal
I don't know about you, but my jaw doesn't actually drop all that often. When I got up to the ridge line, my jaw dropped. Every peak in sight is higher than 20,000 feet - a lot higher. You're miles away from these mountains - but your neck's craned up at a sharp angle so you can see the summits.