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Every day you make, or avoid, lots of little decisions that affect your health. What you do or don't eat. Whether you move it or sit on it. So every day I translate the latest medical research into one easy-to-make recipe or easy-to-do exercise. To save you money and time. To help you lose weight and gain strength. Please Press Play to meet me. Click to read about me.

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Don't Just Sit There
Walking & Eating Extravaganzas
BetterCheaperSlimmer: A Low Glycemic Load Diet
Today's Way of the Day: Winter Tabbouleh. Oh, K. Lessons in a salad. It's "just" a warm salad, but it comes with two important lessons. First, how to eat seasonally when it seems like a lot of delicious things aren't in season. Second, how to get enough Vitamin K to maintain your bone health.
Treadmill Trails: The App
Don't just run in place - run in great places. Take a 30-minute vacation on your treadmill, bike, elliptical or living room floor. Walk, run or cycle along a beautiful trail in a spectacular place.

Start your music. Start your trail. Start moving. Only 99 cents for each 30-minute HD Treadmill Trails video.
Burn 5,000 calories in a day hike. Glacier Nat'l Park was spectacular, but you can get the burn close to home, too. Try The Walk That Ate San Francisco. Burn Way more than you swallow on my all-day Walking & Eating Tours.

A New Way Every Day. 1 year. $10. 1 specific thing to eat or do every day. I translate the latest medical research into easy-to-make recipes and easy-to-do exercises. Subscribe now.
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