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About Better Cheaper Slower
How It Works
Each day, I send you a really short email. Two sentences. To tell you about the Way of the Day. Could be a recipe. Could be an exercise. Could be a Walk That Ate, one of my all-day walking & eating extravaganzas where you burn way more calories than you consume. Then you click a link in the email that takes you right to the complete Way. All the details.
With BetterCheaperSlower, good health begins in your inbox. Every day, I deliver a new way to balance eating and exercise. To raise your standard of living and lower your cost of living. One achievable way to improve your health every day for a year, for $10.

Easy-to-make recipes combined with easy-to-do exercises. And on "Slower Sundays," Ways to help you relax, reflect, and refresh. A complete approach to better health and better living. One day, one step, one email at a time. A new way, every day, to live Better. Cheaper. Slower.

If you clicked "About" for something more specific, Press Play. I'd like to tell you about my approach to eating and exercising. Just two minutes for each.

A New Way Every Day. For a year. For $10.
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